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Haiti Missions

Our vision is to love God, love people & serve the world. 

Cap Haitien

Water Team​​​​​​​

The water team, headed by Lynn Ross, is bringing BioSand Water Filters to Northern Haiti. They are a natural way to bring clean drinking water. 

$105 buys a filter that will provide clean water to 10 people for 10 years. Please view the Haiti Clean Water official site for more information HERE​.

Any donation amount will be helpful to bring filters to Cap Haitien!

Medical Team

The medical team, headed by Janet Martin, takes hundreds of medical supplies to help heal and diagnose a large variety of medical needs. 

This team serves large groups of people all day and then spends the evening bottling medicine in anticipation for the next day's needs. Sometimes the most effective "medicine" shared with the Haitian people is a hug and a prayer!

Construction Team

Craig McLeod is heading up the construction team to build women and children a healthy and stable environment. 

Many trips are needed to complete such a massive project, but this team of hard workers will see the project through each step faithfully. 

Timeline for Application Process



You can download the application by clicking the button below.

OR by contacting one of the team leaders.



Turn in the application to one of the team leaders

or drop it off at the church office. 





Haiti Trip Application Overview

Thank you for your interest in First Baptist Church of Cadillac’s short-term mission trips. Short-term trips are designed to advance relationships with our missionaries and strategic partners and to give you the opportunity to experience another culture and broaden your worldview. Below are the steps to take if you are considering joining us on a mission trip.


Step One: Not every short-term trip is right for everyone. Pray about your involvement in this trip.


Step Two:  Complete the following forms (click to download):


Step Three: Upon receipt, your application will be reviewed by the Mission Leadership Team. An interview may be arranged for you with the Mission Leadership Team. They will answer any questions about the trip as well as build the team from the applicants to fit the need of the people being served. You will be notified about the team make-up.


Step Four: Begin the passport process if you don’t have one.  If you do have one, ensure it will be valid for six months following your return. Visit for more information. It can take up to 12 weeks to process.


Step Five: Talk with your doctor or health care professional and team leader to determine if immunizations are required for your destination. Additional information can be found at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( Some immunizations are available at the District Health Department or your pharmacy in addition to your doctor. Some medical insurances cover immunizations and some do not. You are responsible to get your immunizations and to pay for them.


If you have questions or concerns, call Lynn Ross 231-884-2451 or the church office. 231-775-5629


Once selected to participate in a short-term trip, each member is responisible for the funds required to cover their trip costs (we may be having fund raising events to help cover the costs of the team’s expenses. If you want help covering your trip costs, you will be expected to help with the fund-raising events) and to attend team meetings and team trainings. These are designed to pull the team together prior to the trip, as well as to prepare participents as much as possible for the cross-cultural differences they will experience. 

Thank you for your support!

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