We offer a variety of adult discipleship classes on Sunday mornings at 10:00AM during the school year.

Join us on Sunday at 10:00AM starting April 8th 

Steve Playter

Room 103 & 105

Hope for the Prodigals

Statistics tell us that at least 70% of the young people in the church today will at some point walk away from the faith of their parents. When this happens to a child or relative we often feel horrified and ashamed. We may feel angry, helpless or dishonored. Soon we often
feel confused or in despair. Where did we go wrong? How do we influence these prodigals to come back? Is there hope? It is a special
hurt when a loved one rejects our lifestyle and faith. How will this change your relationship with this person? Is this a passing phase or
a life decision? In this class we will be discussing the biblical route we must take to reclaim these lost sheep. Would it surprise you to know that God has a special love for His “lost sheep”? There IS hope and you can play a major role in bringing your loved ones back. Join us as we look at the bible’s answer to our loved one’s needs.

Stan Zaucha

Room 100 & 102

Conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount and Discussion of Bible Difficulties

The most rewarding study of the Sermon on the Mount will be concluded by examining what Jesus has to say about choosing the correct path to follow (wide or narrow gate); those who would try to trick, fool and ravage the church; and finally Jesus summarizes life’s foundation. For the final few Sundays of this Discovery Hour module, the topics of Christian Perspective on Gambling, Homosexuality, and Temptation will be examined from a biblical viewpoint. The biblical passages covering these topics have led to much controversy and varying interpretations both in the church and in the secular world. Come join us for a lively Bible based discussion that will stimulate your thinking and lead you into a richer relationship with the Lord. Attendance in previous sessions is not required to garner what the Lord may have for you in these discussions.

Rich Langton

Room 114

On A Mission

Even though most Christians will never move overseas, the Bible enlists every Christian and every local church in the grand project of global missions. But where do we begin? We will examine scripture and some of today’s thought provoking authors on mission trends. We will look at training and supporting missionaries, forming international partnerships, sending short-term teams, and engaging the nations both at home and abroad. Also interspersed will be some “from the field” reports from those we support including Scott Cherry and Life Resources.

Pastor Chad & Pastor Mike


Since You Asked!

Everybody has questions and sometimes those questions remain unanswered. You may have read something in the Bible and wondered, ‘what does that mean?’ but you didn’t know who to ask, never had it explained, and as a result never found the answer to it. Or, maybe you have questions about things that are going on in our society and wonder what the Bible has to say about them. Maybe you’re wondering about the future and what it holds. Do we really know what’s going to happen? Maybe you have questions about basic areas of life such as marriage, parenting, your job, etc...If that’s the case THIS ELECTIVE is for you. Pastor Chad and Mike will be leading this together to go the Bible to help you find the answers to your questions. You can email your questions ahead of time to Pastor Mike at, or just bring them with you. Our desire in this elective is to ‘scratch where you itch.’

Bridget Roberts

Room 101

Kid’s Hope Training

First Baptist Church of Cadillac has partnered with Franklin Elementary School, for anumber of years, to serve, love and bring change to student’s lives in the form of amentoring program called KIDS HOPE USA. Currently our church is mentoring about 28 children at Franklin Elementary. There are so many more children who also need a “Touch of JESUS” in that school. Would you consider and pray about possibly becoming a mentor? One child, one hour is the heart of KIDS HOPE USA. One caring adult mentoring a child for one hour every week can result in huge impact. Because when kids feel like they belong, they are better able to learn, grow, and succeed. Please come to training and discover what being a mentor really looks like and if you could be one. One of the things we do want you to understand is that you can attend this 6 week training and it does not commit you to becoming a mentor. It just gives you an opportunity to see what Kid’s Hope is about and to see and pray about the possibility of you becoming a mentor.