We offer a variety of adult discipleship classes on Sunday mornings at 11:00AM during the school year.

Our next session begins Sunday, October 27th.  Come and join us!!


wtih Chris Crawley

It's Not Too Late! 

Room 100-102

This is a 6-session video series with Dr. Tony Evans.  In this video series Dr. Evans looks at three men and three women of the Bible who were used mightily by God despite their previous mistakes.  This module is for both men and women.  $5 for Study Guide

Are These the End of Times?

Room 103-105

The Bible teaches much about what is going to happen after Christ returns.  But maybe even more importantly Scripture tells us what to look for BEFORE Christ returns.  Those sign are what we as the church ought to be looking for to warn us of the shortness of time.  Prophecy has been shielded in mystery so that only study and the Holy Spirit can unveil it.  Today Scripture is unfolding and we are seeing many signs that point to the soon coming return of the Lord.  Are we in the end times?  What can we expect will happen?  Is there going to be a worldwide pandemic, or a world war, or the establishment of a one world government, or other earth shaking events?  Are some of these events already starting to be revealed?  We are told by Christ that if we see these things coming to pass, we should look up because our redemption is getting close.  These are exciting times!  Are you ready?  The module will inform you of what the Bible teaches on this topic and it will lift your spirit as you realize God's plan for mankind.  If you are a Christian, the best is yet to come!

with Steve Playter