We believe in the power of The One we talk and listen to. 

Out of the church flows the work of the Spirit on earth. When a church is truly connected to the Spirit of God, His Spirit flows in ministry – first through the church and then out the doors into the surrounding community, bringing life and fruit wherever it flows. There is only one way that the church becomes filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit of God and that is through prayer. The transforming, life-giving work of the Holy Spirit comes through becoming a powerful prayer-saturated church. (from The Prayer Saturated Church)

Our vision is to become a prayer-saturated church by encouraging individual and corporate prayer initiatives and to try to raise awareness of the importance of prayer in the life of our church. Our passion is to motivate people to pray and to nurture an atmosphere of prayer that will fuel effective praying.


Prayer Concerns are directed to our Prayer Request Coordinator


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