We currently have nothing scheduled for our Women's Ministry - please stay tuned for future development.

A Message from Christy Zaucha

Thank you for your continued prayers about what ministry to women looks like at First Baptist Church.  You all know that I am not the “Director of Women’s Ministry” at FBC, but I would like to bring you up to speed on what I see stirring among us. 

  • Sixteen women joined for prayer several weeks ago seeking God’s direction and leading about ministry to women.  Many more texted me saying they would be in prayer and were very interested in gathering together as sisters in Christ. 
  • God drew two people into my path who are interested in leading a morning and evening Bible study.  I don’t want to share too much right now, but these are two new teachers to Women’s Ministry.
  • Both of these women have similar testimonies declaring that God is leading them to teach on our freedom in Jesus Christ.
  • All that being said, preparing to lead a Bible study cannot be done overnight.  Both of these women are very sensitive to waiting on the Lord and not rushing into this just so that we can have a study this Fall.
  • Therefore, we are looking to begin a Bible study at the turn of the New Year.  I know you all will have plenty on your plate between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so let’s take advantage of this time to continue to pray.  Pray that God will prepare our hearts, that He would call those who may not even be a part of our church yet, and that He would speak into our hearts how we might be used by Him.
  • Having a morning and evening teacher lined up is huge.  But I do not foresee teaching being a long-term position for them.  We must continue to pray for more women to step into teaching roles in the future. 
  • I would also like to find some ladies who would be passionate about planning special events.  Nothing huge.  Just opportunities for ladies to connect and have fun. 
  • Since I am the “temporary director” feel free to contact me and let me know how God might be drawing you into Women’s Ministry.  Call or text me at 805.272.5896 or email me at christyzaucha@gmail.com. 

I am so thrilled to have connected with so many of you already and to see your hunger for knowing more of Jesus.  Keep reaching out.  I want to know more of you - to hear your hearts - to catch a vision of how God is already at work among this body and how we might join Him there.  Like I said before, I am always up for a walk, coffee, or just meeting up to pray.  Don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Also, I will schedule several more times to gather for prayer regarding this ministry.  Watch your bulletin/ newsletter for more details.

God is up to something big and I am so excited to be a part of it!  Won’t you join us?

Your sister in Christ,


You are welcome to utilize our Library of Women's Bible Studies located in the Women's Ministry closet. 

Please contact the church office to schedule a time to look through it.